At HC Equestrian, we offer lessons & training with a focus on goal-oriented, quality instruction. Whether you are looking to take your show ring performance to the next level or learn basic skills, Ali Kermeen and her team have the experience and understanding to help you realize your goals. Instruction is offered in Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, and Eventing.


Eventing could be termed an “equestrian triathlon.”
It involves working with a horse both on the flat and over fences. The three phases are: dressage, endurance (or cross-country), and show jumping.


Dressage is a French term meaning “training” and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider.

Cowboy Dressage

With different movements and requirements from western dressage, Cowboy Dressage has additional elements in its Challenge Court, Vaquero Style, and Partnership Style. Additional tests are available for gaited horses, making Cowboy Dressage accessible to a wide variety of horse enthusiasts.

Hunter Jumper

A hunter is awarded for consistent, fluid paces, and classical form over fences. A show jumper must have the scope and courage to jump imposing fences as well as the athletic ability to handle the sharp turns and bursts of speed necessary to navigate the most difficult courses. Hunter Seat Equitation requires precision and grace while negotiating technically challenging courses.

Working Equitation

A multi-phase competition designed to showcase horsemanship, Working Equitation is perfect for an all rounder.  All competitions have a dressage phase and an ease of handling phase (obstacles judged like a dressage test).  Most levels often have a speed phase, and some times there will even be a cattle phase.  Working equitation requires precision, elegance, and harmony with the horse.