Rorschach testing

Blue has a cool roan splotch on his shoulder.  Anyone know what it is called?My Google search only came up with “roan patch.”

He didnt seem to have this mark at birth, check out this cute baby picture of him:

My groom, Nel, thinks the marking looks like a Santa face.   I think it looks like a portly stick figure running with his arms up and a fart cloud coming from his butt.  What do you see?

Fart man diagram courtesy of Leah Deffenbaugh 

Incidentally, last year, well before I meet Blue, my then 16 month old daughter drew this on her magna doodle.  I may be reaching, but I think it bears a striking resemblance to Blue’s marking, if the image was flipped.

Do you see it?  My husband and I titled this masterpiece “man runs out of butt”

Ok, enough about butts.

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